The use of hyaluronic acid subdermal filler for entropion in canines and felines: 40 cases.


McDonald JE, Knollinger AM. The use of hyaluronic acid subdermal filler for entropion in canines and felines: 40 cases. Vet Ophthalmol 2018;10:832. / PMID: 29520917


To evaluate the use of hyaluronic acid (HA) subdermal filler in canines and felines for entropion.


Complete ophthalmologic examination was performed by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist or ABVO-approved resident. Each case was characterized as primary, secondary, spastic or cicatricial entropion. HA subdermal filler, specifically Restylane® and Restylane Silk® , were utilized in dogs and cats, respectively. Subdermal injection was performed 1-2 mm from the eyelid margin in the affected area until normal eyelid conformation was achieved. All patients did not require sedation or general anesthesia.


Forty animals (28 dogs and 12 cats) were included in the study. No local reaction to the HA dermal filler or any other complications other than minor skin bleeding at the injection sites were noted in all patients. Resolution of entropion and secondary complications including corneal ulceration, epiphora, and blepharospasm were noted by the first week after injection in the majority of cases. Three canines and one feline case failed to resolve the entropion, necessitating additional permanent surgical intervention. Two cases were submitted for histopathological analysis. Median follow-up time for all cases was 152.5 days (mean: 194.6 ± 142.7 days; range 9-419 days). Five patients died or were euthanized during the study for unrelated causes.


Hyaluronic acid (HA) subdermal filler appears to be a safe, easy, reliable method for mild to moderate eyelid entropion not requiring general anesthesia. This procedure may be especially appropriate for geriatric patients and those with high anesthetic risk with entropion.
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canine; entropion; eyelid; feline; hyaluronic acid; subdermal


眼瞼内反症のための犬および猫におけるヒアルロン酸(HA :hyaluronic acid)皮下充填剤の使用を評価すること。


眼科検査は、米国獣医眼科医またはABVO認定レジデントによって行われた。各症例は、原発性、続発性、痙縮または瘢痕性眼瞼内反として分類された。 HA皮下充填剤、具体的にはRestylaneおよびRestylane Silkをそれぞれ犬および猫に利用した。正常な眼瞼の形が達成されるまで、患部の眼瞼縁から1〜2 mmに皮下注射を行った。すべての動物は鎮静および全身麻酔を必要しなかった。


40頭の動物(28頭の犬と12頭の猫)が研究に含まれた。局所的な軽度の出血以外に、注射部位でのHA皮膚充填剤に対する局所的な反応や他の合併症などは全患者に認められなかった。大部分の症例で、注射後の最初の週までに、眼瞼内反の解消または角膜潰瘍形成、流涙、眼瞼痙攣を含む二次的合併症が認められた。 3頭の犬と1頭の猫の症例が眼瞼内反の改善に失敗し、追加の永久的な外科的介入が必要となった。組織病理学的分析に2例が提出された。全症例のフォローアップ中央値は152.5日であった(平均:194.6±142.7日;範囲9〜419日)。 5頭が無関係な原因で研究中に死亡または安楽死された。




眼瞼内反, まぶた, 犬、猫, ヒアルロン酸, 皮下

症例9の右眼の経過。A.注射前 B. 注射後 C. 1週間後 D. 1ヶ月後 E. 3ヶ月後 F. 6ヶ月後(Fig.3 より)